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Saturday, 30 November 2013


Title: Flirting With Chaos
Author: Kenya Wright
Genre: New Adult Rock Star Erotic Romance
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Release Date: November 19, 2013

Can two mentally unstable best friends have sex and not drown in chaos?
Rain's been washing blood off her hands for far too long. After five years, she accepts the fact that she"s still a little crazy but feels as if she's finally gotten it all under control.
Parties, drugs, and sex flood Jude's life, and music and scandal run through his veins. He's the son of a rock god and grandson of a jazz legend. It's no surprise that his own star is on the rise, and with so many groupies vying for his attention, his childhood best friend Rain keeps him anchored in reality.
She's nothing like him--an art student with no idea of her own beauty, who would rather curl up with a sci-fi novel than party in the spotlight. Everything changes when she asks him for a unique favor: she wants him to take her virginity. He's more than willing to oblige, but things get complicated when his pervy father gets involved. Meanwhile, intense feelings rise to the surface, ones neither Rain nor Jude are prepared to deal with.
If their relationship has any chance for survival, she must finally confront the demons of her past, and he must face the addictions of the present. When the smoke clears, will they find that sex between best friends was a good idea, or will they discover they had been Flirting With Chaos the entire time?


“Sometimes it’s okay to kill, if you’re saving someone else in the process, Rainbow.” Dad wiped my tears from my face with bloody hands. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Do it for Daddy. Pull the trigger.”
And I did.


An intricate pattern of colorful tattoos decorated both of his arms. It was a mural of his life—stars that intertwined with musical notes; guitars interlocked into microphones; nude, big breasted angels riding hulky demons. Those arms and that face had adorned the covers of magazines for years. Now he represented a legend of rock history. To obtain his interview would mean lots of money and skilled maneuvering through his agent, publicist, bodyguards, entourage, and any of the other people that walled him away from society.


Kenya Wright always knew she would be famous since the ripe old age of six when she sang the Michael Jackson thriller song in her bathroom mirror. She has tried her hand at many things from enlisting in the Navy for six years as a Persian-Farsi linguist to being a nude model at an art university.

However, writing has been the only constant love in her life. Will she succeed? Of course.
For she has been coined The Urban Fantasy Queen, the Super Iconic Writer of this Age, The Lyrical Genius of Our Generation. Granted, these are all terms coined by her, within the private walls of her bathroom as she still sings the Michael Jackson thriller song.

Kenya Wright currently resides in Miami with her three amazing, overactive children, a supportive, gorgeous husband, and three cool black cats that refuse to stop sleeping on Kenya’s head at night.


Elaina Morrison has loved Neil McManus her whole life. She doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t love him. Through heartbreaking tragedy and years of separation, her love holds true…until life stomps all over her heart, shattering her perfect dream, teaching her how hard it is to let go.

Real life doesn’t have anything on romantic dreams though, as these two have learned repeatedly. It sucks big time, leaving painful scars in its wake. 

But Neil isn’t giving up. He’s endured years of longing and sacrifice to wait for her. Always a soldier, he knows his way around a battlefield, and winning Elaina is no different. So that’s precisely what Neil is going to do. He'll go in fighting, and make Elaina see what he already knows.

That she will forever be his Cherry Girl…

Then Neil smiled at me.  His entire beautiful face lighting up from his eyes to his chin.  My guy looked really happy.  My guy.  I have a guy.  Neil.  Neil McManus is my man now.
Christmas and my birthday had come to me early this year, and both at the same time apparently.
Then I watched him get up from the bed and head into his bathroom.  I heard the shower turn on and then the opening and closing of cupboards.  He returned a few moments later with a big towel to wrap around me, and said he’d left me a shirt and some shorts I could wear after my shower if I liked.  He told me he would be in the kitchen setting up the coffeemaker for the morning, and then he left the bedroom and closed the door.
I stayed in Neil’s bed for another moment and did my best to take everything in.  I was definitely a mess on the outside, but inside where my heart still thwacked out a beat, I was absolutely floating around cloud nine.
He loved me.  Neil really loved me, but damn if I’d allow him to kiss me again before I got clean and comfortable.  I felt utterly gross and hideous and still had trouble processing all that had just happened with us in the span of a very few hours.
I left his bed and headed into the bathroom.  The shower was already hot and steaming up the small space.  As promised he’d set out his toothbrush and paste for me to use, and even some silky boxers and a soft black T-shirt with The Jimi Hendrix Experience in white letters across the front.
I knew Neil was a Hendrix fan and I’d even seen him wearing this very shirt on occasion, and yet the fact he’d picked it out for me in particular, touched me.  I reached for it and buried my face in its softness, inhaling deeply.  Neil’s scent has always been heavenly to me and I’d been addicted to it for years.  Hard to describe, but absolutely lush on my sensibilities.  Like fresh air and forest spice and pure water all combined into the perfect blend of male fragrance.
And I’d been restricted from indulging in it for most of my life.  But not anymore.
I shut the bathroom door, stripped out of my bra and knickers, and got clean in my boyfriend’s shower.  I so loved the words contained in that thought.
I’m sure I wore a ridiculous grin on my face the whole time I scrubbed.  Once I was done in his shower and working out my teeth with his own personal toothbrush, I still kept grinning into the mirror like an idiot, glad the door was shut and Neil couldn’t see how much of a lovesick fool I was being right now.  Pointless indeed.  He would know it the moment I stepped out anyway.  He probably already did know it.
I left the bathroom dressed in his T-shirt and silky boxer shorts.  Better than naked in a towel or my puked-spotted clothes and really sexy to have my skin against things that had been against his previously.
His shirt came down to the top of my thighs and I’d already decided I was keeping the thing.  Yeah, Neil’s beloved Hendrix shirt would forever belong to me.  I had absolutely no qualms about my thievery either.  I didn’t want to have to be without the scent of him once his leave was over.  I wouldn’t have him for long before he had to go back to being owned by the British Army in Afghanistan.  That meant his shirt wasn’t getting washed anytime soon.  If ever.
My inner ramblings distracted me to the point I wasn’t thinking about what might be waiting for me when I came out.  But the sight that greeted me upon my return to the bedroom in nothing but Neil’s shorts and shirt, was not even close to what I expected.  Stopping dead in my tracks, I’m sure my eyes were bugging out of my skull.  The towel I’d been using to dry my hair slid from my grip and onto the floor with a soft thud.
Neil was in his bed, and he was definitely waiting for me.
Holy Hell, he was a beautiful man.  Sitting up against the headboard, he was leaning back, his wide bare chest exposed for my eyes to drink in.  The cuts and angles of his hard muscles and golden skin in contrast to the white sheets nearly made me whimper aloud.  I wanted to touch him so badly and knew there was a very good chance I would be getting my wish soon.
I could see that his nipples were hard, his gaze trained upon me deep with liquidity, mysterious and sensual with a bit of an edge.  I could only imagine what he was thinking about right now.  Sweaty, crazy, naked shagging I’m sure.  I definitely was.
My nipples were hard too, and I felt an involuntary shiver roll down my spine at the thought of Neil putting his hands on them.
I’d seen his body before.  I knew what Neil looked like without his shirt on, and I knew very well about the washboard abs, and how they tapered into a V at his hips that made my insides a quivering mess whenever I was lucky enough to get a decent look at him.  Which happened only on occasion, unfortunately.
Neil was blessed with an earthly form that easily put him into mythical god territory, but I’d never been in a position to allow myself to think of him in that way.  Those times I’d seen him had been when he was working out with Ian or roughing ’round with boys at football or having a swim.
This situation right now was completely different.  Neil was like this for me and for me alone.  He was offering himself to me—his body for my eyes to see, for my hands to touch, and for my lips to kiss.
“You’ve dropped your towel,” he said softly, splaying a hand out over the sheet, making his forearm muscle flex.
“I know.”  I struggled to breathe through the pounding inside my chest and reached down for the towel.
“Leave it.”
Neil’s voice was harder, different—a command really.  I froze in step, flipping my eyes up so I could see his face and understand what he meant.
His long muscled arms were stretched out toward me.  “Come here, beautiful,” he said softly. “Don’t think about anything that scares you right now.  It’s only me…and you.”
I nodded at him but no words would come from my mouth.  All I could do was take in the experience of the moment and try to hear what he was saying to me.
“I want to hold you, and be close, and know that nobody is going to come between us or try to take you away from me. I want you all to myself for once.”  He tilted his head a little.  “Do you understand?”
“I do,” I managed.
Neil kept his arms out, his eyes glittering at me in a way I’d never experienced from him before.  He was demanding from me sure, but that’s not what gave me pause.  The feelings rushing through me were thrilling, but also very frightening at the same time.  My emotions paralyzed me because I really understood, right then and there in that moment, the enormity of what I was doing.  Giving myself over to another person.  Giving myself to Neil.
It made me extremely vulnerable now didn’t it?
I felt the warning kiss of fear brush over my heart as clearly as a cold breeze that makes you rub your own arms in an effort to ward off a shivering chill.
I didn’t know how I’d survive if I lost him now.   If he stopped loving me I wouldn’t be able to bear it.  Or if I lost him to the war, which was a terrifying risk all on its own, and one he took every day he remained in active military service. I’d never make it out intact.  Losing Neil would destroy me after this night.
“Don’t think about the bad things, Elaina.  Let all that go and come to me.  My beautiful Cherry Girl…come over here and let me love you.”
I went.

Raine Miller has been reading romance novels since she picked up that first Barbara Cartland book at the tender age of thirteen. And it's a safe bet she'll never stop, because now she writes them too! Granted Raine's stories are edgy enough to turn Ms. Cartland in her grave, but to her way of thinking, a hot, sexy hero never goes out of fashion. A part-time teacher and writer of sexy romance stories every other chance she gets pretty much fills her days. She has a handsome prince of a husband, and two brilliant sons to pull her back into the real world if the writing takes her too far away. Her sons know she likes to write stories, but gratefully have never asked to read any, thank God! Raine loves to hear from readers and to chat about the characters in her books.

BLOG TOUR STOP~ THE MIRAGE by C. Warner-Thompson

Abbii can’t remember a time when Shadows weren’t chasing her.

Everywhere she goes they are there, hunting her down.

Since discovering the magical powers in her grasp, she has fought against members of the Forgotten- those pulled into Darkness willingly- and her friends have fallen into danger. Innocent people have lost their lives and the Shadows have spread. Abbii’s friends have fought to remain by her side, but something inside of her has changed.

She is filled with regret and pain of losing her best friend Jake, though she keeps it hidden well- not even Nate can see the damage. Her lack of emotion pushes him to leave and he is thrown into his own spiralling destiny.

Abbii has a choice- to stay by her friends’ sides and fight to protect their home, or leave the realm she knows and search for those that she has lost. Her heart is broken but her friends cannot help her. She has to choose between searching for Jake in the Dark, or whether to return to Nate’s side and keep the Light burning brightly.

The question is, will Light be able to save her from the Darkness within?

Two Shadows caught sight of him then, screeching loudly as they oozed towards him. He straightened his back and ran at them, jumping into the air when little ground separated them. Rolling to absorb his landing once he had moved through the air, he kicked the creatures’ legs, causing them to fall to the ground. Sharp fingers of ice pierced their bodies, causing them to wriggle and screech in pain. Nate commanded his magic to spread fluently, and without much warning, the Shadows disintegrated, leaving only remnants of the cold matter behind.
He looked around briefly to search for his friends. Alice was near the water’s edge, stopping as many of the Shadows as she could from reaching dry ground. Lyu was nowhere to be seen. A lump built in the back of Nate’s throat as he thought of how timid and reserved Lyu was. She wasn’t ready to fight—he had to find her.
Running towards a stray Shadow that seemed dazed, Nate grabbed at its head before it could retaliate and twisted its neck. Its body fell to the ground limply as he continued to run. Small tendons of the black substance stretched towards him as he moved, though he easily avoided contact with them, following the declining beach. The air strangely grew colder as he neared the water, proving that the Shadows thrived in the cold, though he didn’t understand why the Shadowed form that had taken Tricia’s body had recoiled from the cold wind. Nate guessed that the metamorphosis process of changing a human into a Shadow needed warmth.
A body collided into Nate with no warning, knocking him from his feet. He inhaled a quick breath to compensate for the hastened exhalation and then moved to the side to see who it was. Alice was on her back, trying to catch her breath as well. She leaned her head to the side and met Nate’s gaze.
“N-nice of you to join me,” she stuttered.
He struggled a smile and moved to his feet, extending his hand. She stood up with his help and then took a moment to look over the beach. So many bodies, Shadows and humans, littered the sand. Her magic formed as her fists clenched. She turned and started to run towards the largest of the creatures.
“Alice, wait! Where’s Lyu?”
Turning on the spot briefly, her irises were overcome with light. “We parted ways.” And with nothing more said, she disappeared from sight, materialising a moment later on the back of the creature. Nate ran towards it, calling upon his magic.
He had never seen such a large creature before. Its legs were strong and well built, ending in sharpened talons ready to kill. Masses of fur surrounded its neck and underside, creating the illusion of black skin, though Nate could see that its colour was closer to maroon. It roared ferociously as Alice stabbed at its neck, and it grabbed at her body harshly. Ideally Nate would have left to search for Lyu, but Alice needed his help. He created a blast of heated energy which surged ahead of him as he continued to run.

Author Bio:

Clemy was born in the UK in 1991 where she still lives, growing up alongside one younger and three older brothers.

Books and writing was an interest that she began to develop from the first years of secondary school, and on her thirteenth birthday, she began to plan and design the idea to write a fantasy novel. She finished secondary school with high GCSE's and then went on into further education to study English and all aspects of art and design. After six years of writing, planning and overall editing of the book, it was successfully completed, containing over 82,000 words, and self published in the first week of 2011.
With high expectations in herself, she immediately began to write a second novel in the series, while keeping her art and design a part of the process. The achievement of completing the first novel 'Purest Light,' allowed the ideas of the second to flow much easier and it was completed by early 2012. As she was writing the third and final book, New Beginnings, at the same time, the series was finished by its publication in 2013.
Writing is now a part of her everyday and she has now started her newest project, The Mirage, which is book two of three. 


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What’s a girl to do when she meets a man who claims the heart that she’s already given to someone else? My boyfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted, he’s perfect, but when I met Joe ... I can’t even describe the intensity of my attraction to him. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Since then, it’s become something so much deeper and I’m finding it impossible to ignore what I feel for him. I know I’m already with the man I should be with, yet I want Joe. I can’t seem to get my head and my heart to agree on this. I’m not about to cheat and I won’t just drop the man I love. But what do I do about Joe?

Tattoos, bikes and women – that’s been my life for the last two years and it suited me just fine. Until the day I swerved to avoid a raggedy old VW Bug heading my way, hit the sidewalk, and ended up sprawled on my back. I came around to a pounding headache and the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t know if it was the effect she had on me, or the accident, but I somehow managed to let her go without exchanging information, more importantly numbers. Maybe it would’ve been better if things had stayed that way. Maybe then I wouldn’t be caught up in this dilemma. I should do what most guys would do and pursue her, regardless of her being in a relationship. Trust me, it’s tempting. The problem is, I’ve been on the receiving end of a situation similar to this, so I know the hurt I could cause and I don’t think I can do that. But I want Callie. I want her bad.

When Callie and Joe met, neither were prepared for the sequence of events that would follow, or the impact of the choices they would go on to make. 

If only is book one in the Captured series. Adult Contemporary Romance. This series is not intended for those below 18 years old due to graphic sexual content and use of language.


Callie and Joe meet when she runs him off the road in her car (he is on a motorbike)
They both feel a connection but do not exchange details . Callie then walks into black art the tattoo shop where Joe works. Callie is really happy with her boyfriend Nick, so does not pursue anything with Joe. Joe and Callie don't admit how they feel to each other for a long time. When they finally admit to each other how they feel it is too late ( boo hoo!!!)Callie goes to live with her aunt and uncle in Arizona , she stays a lot longer than planned and starts a new life. This story spans a ten year period, it's a great story about true love and true sole mates . The characters are all well developed and they share a wonderful friendship.
I really feel for Callie and understand why she went to Arizona and thinks she needed to do this to realise what she really wanted. A great debut book which has left me wanting to read more from this author , I know the second book is out now and I will definitely be reading very soon.

4.5 stars From Sarah

Louise J has always been a daydreamer, but never considered writing a novel until days before typing the first words to If Only. Joe and Callie (and Gerard) appeared in a dream and her mind has never been her own since then, and she’s never alone. When she’s not writing she spends a lot of time missing out on huge chunks of conversation, movies, and TV shows thanks to many wonderful, but highly invasive characters bouncing around in her head, showing her their stories. In the name of research, those fabulous characters have led her to parts of the world she never would have dreamed of, and, as a result, has gained some of the most amazing memories. The rest of the time Louise J is trying to be a good wife to the greatest husband she could ever have asked for.

She'd love you to get in touch


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Rendezvous Book Cover

TITLE– Rendezvous With Hymera

AUTHOR – Melinda de Ross
GENRE – Paranormal Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – September 13, 2013
PUBLISHER – Planettopia Publishing 
COVER ARTIST – Ionut Augustin Coliolu

"An impulsive decision changes her life forever. When Clara DeVine decides to take a vacation she has no idea what twists of fate she has triggered. First she has a reunion with Colin Lambert, the boy she was in love with during high school. She discovers that the tall, dark and unbelievably sexy man he had become was also reciprocating her feelings and so begins an intense, smoldering love story. In parallel with this intervenes the ghostly appearance of a mysterious woman, followed by a series of scary episodes. Strange things happen in the strange place where Clara has landed and she and her lover are constrained to find out what happened to the mystery woman. Her fate, which had been sealed by some very dangerous yoga practices, seems to be connected with the much controversial Philadelphia Experiment, a fact that is discussed only in whispers, behind closed doors."

49a94-kindlebuysmall 38eb7-goodreadssmall


The horizon stretched boundless in front of her –  a d├ęcor of shape and color, oscillating in a slow but permanent transformation under the calm, indulgent blue of a clear sky. As the car moved through the smoky background of the mountains, the road became more and more sinuous, the curves tighter and more frequent.
In the four hours of her journey, the June landscape gradually changed; with the increasing altitude, the green, smooth vastness of plain – punctuated by the intense yellow of a few sunflower islands – gave way to an abundance of mountainous vegetation beyond which wooded ridges filled the view, flirting to the peaks with waves of fog and snow. At that point, a sort of finis mundi, the sky and the misty crests seemed to merge into a primordial entity.
Looks like not only Hell, but Paradise also is on Earth, thought Clara, while from the audio system inside the car came the perfectly modulated notes of Alphaville’s Forever Young, conferring a nostalgic vibration to the ambiance. Stimulated by the evocative music, by the picturesque and strange beauty of the scenery, a mixture of nameless emotions gravitated in her soul. For in such moments of melancholy and reverie, one’s spirit yearns for an undefined something, in permanent search and aspiration to a fulfillment whose road or purpose almost always remain inexpressible.
Slumped on the passenger seat, which had been adjusted back as a concession to his comfort, Tony was snoring gently with his golden fur caressed by the sunlight. In the first half hour on the road, he had stood with his head out the window, tongue waving, fascinated by the sights, but even the huge energy reserves of a dog know limits.
Clara affectionately ruffled his hairy ears; then, concentrating on the route, took a slight curve, marked with a traffic sign. On the right side of the road, visibility was limited by a rocky slope, somewhat oppressive and apparently interminable. On the left, beyond the edge of a parapet stood a kind of valley, with a few huts straying in an abyss of vegetation.
After yet another curve to the right, partially hidden by the mountain and a clump of shrubs seemingly disposed in an artistic arrangement, Clara discovered a place which her imagination immediately associated with a mirror-portal to one of Monet’s impressionist paintings. A small lake, crystal clear, sprinkled with water lilies, lazily undulating over the illusions of clouds reflected in the waters. Near the shore, a small boat, archaic-looking, swayed fluidly, carried by the gentle breeze. A pretty hedge flanked the right half; on the opposite side, along shore, the exotic landscape was balanced by the rustic touch of a few cottages.
Taking advantage of the extremely light traffic, Clara slowed down and stopped on the verge of the road.
From there, fascinated by the strange charm and static grandeur of that place, she contemplated the panorama. Confused thoughts of her own existence – so often restless and not as stable as she wanted – dripped a vague nostalgia in her soul. And suddenly, boosted perhaps by the image of the path that detached itself from the main road to reach the small paradise, she made up her mind.
The end of the road was divided in two alleys, one of which ended in a small parking lot and the other, paved with an interesting gravel and marble mosaic, meandered asymmetrically in front of each cottage.
Clara got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Tony. Still heavy with sleep, the dog left the seat lazily and, for a few moments, sniffed the new surroundings. Then he stretched, shaking himself, extending his paws and tail; the ritual ended with a guttural groan and a yawn of epic proportions, during which he displayed a crocodile dentition; now, a preliminary examination of the area could begin.
The first of the seven cottages was the largest, a two-story building, having several windows and a sign that announced simply: ROSE UNIVERSAL, and below: COTTAGES FOR RENT.
The rest of the cottages were two-storied as well, but smaller, built along the shore, at distances that ensured a minimum of discretion and privacy. For an aboriginal who landed here straight from the noise and infernal pollution specific to big cities, the impression of heavenly oasis was also emphasized by an almost tangible quiet, in which the stylized solfeggios of unseen birds occasionally entwined.
Clara took off her sunshades, as the strong light was softened through a network of shadows cast by the cottages and trees surrounding them. Breathing in deeply the fragrant air, she strolled to the main building.
“Let’s go inside,” she said, addressing Tony, who was frolicking around her, chasing a butterfly.
However, before they got to the door, it opened and an old woman made her appearance. She was wearing a green dress, and had a shawl on her shoulders. Her curly grey hair was cut short, and from behind the glasses resting on her nose, a pair of very sharp eyes watched Clara.
“Hello. Are you Mrs. Rose?”
For a moment, the woman analyzed her curiously.
“Depends,” she finally answered. “If you wanna sell me something, advertise something or charge me for something, you’ve got the wrong address,” she continued brusquely and somewhat grumpily.
Clara laughed, surprised and amused.
“No, actually I came to find peace and quiet. Do you have a vacant cottage?”
“Yes. If you want to rent one, you’re in the right place. I’m Rose,” said the woman, with the same sharp but now jovial tone, this time warmed with a smile. “Cute mutt you got here,” she remarked, scratching Tony’s ears; the dog collapsed ecstatically at her feet, bracing his huge paws on her shoes.
“Thank you, we think so, too. His name is Tony. Quite a place you have here!” she said admiringly. “I was just thinking it’s like a miniature version of Eden.”
“Yeah... And the least populated it is, the better! Although that’s not so good for business. Oh, well...Come in!”
The big cottage was, according to the sign above, a universal store, where you could find anything, from food to needles. The merchandise was arranged on shelves, and along the right wall was a massive walnut desk, a chair and a small portable TV.
“You’re well supplied,” remarked the young woman. “But who buys all this stuff?”
“There’s a small village about four or five miles from here. All the folks there come to me for shopping, and I use somebody from the metropolis for supplies. It’s only thirty miles to the city, but I hate all that dust and crowds, where you always bump into weirdoes on the street,” said Rose. “For now, I’ve got only two cottages occupied; in one of them live Marie and Robert Axel and in the other one stays Mr. Garcia. The Axels both work in the city, and the old man, a fanatical botanist, wanders all day long through the wilderness searching for unusual plants. The funny thing is he often gathers the most common weeds,” she added, as if to herself. “Oh, and other times he sits on the shore or floats in the boat and pretends to fish.”
“Why do you say he pretends?”
“Cause I never saw any fish caught by him.”
While speaking, Rose took out a register book from a desk drawer. After she informed Clara of the renting fee, the latter decided to stay a month for starters.
“Got an ID? I have to know who I’m hosting, don’t I?”
Clara rummaged through her bag and gave the old lady her passport and the required money.
“Clara DeVine,” read Rose, noting the data in the register, then she analyzed her skeptically over the top of her glasses. “You’re twenty-six?” she asked incredulously. “I wouldn’t have granted you more than eighteen.”
“Thanks for the compliment,” replied the young woman, smiling, although the tone of Rose’s remark wasn’t necessarily flattering.
“Sign here, please, and I’ll show you to your temporary residence.”
After she signed, Clara followed her outside. Her cottage, the third in line, was placed at a convenient distance from the others. It was roomy enough, with a small garden in the back, surrounded by a colorful hedge. Near the back entry, a table and two chairs that appeared to have been woven from twigs supplemented the decor.
Inside was dark, pleasantly cool, and the air carried an intimate and unmistakable fragrance of freshly polished wood. The cottage consisted of a living area, simply furnished with a massive couch, a coffee table and, in the opposite corner, a TV incorporated in a small bookcase; on its shelves were scattered a few books and magazines.
On the left, next to the couch, a staircase led up to the bedroom, and on the right, there was a crescent-shaped bar. Behind it was a limited a kind of kitchenette. In the center of the living area, on the polished walnut floor, reigned a unique-looking rug, manufactured, in all appearance, from what had once been an enormous bear.
When Clara headed to the stairs for an inspection of the upper floor, Tony remained to smell the bear fur, intrigued and cautious. Although he was an impressively built Golden Retriever, courage wasn’t his strong suit, and the nickname Brave heart, with which his mistress sometimes teased him, was an obscure mystery for him.
The bedroom, she noted with delight, was furnished as simple as the rest: a huge bed, hedonistic-looking, a nightstand on each side of it, a closet and a small desk in a corner. In the opposite corner, a door led to the bathroom.
During this inspection, Rose remained in the living area with Tony. When Clara descended the stairs, the old lady raised her eyebrows and watched her over the top of her glasses.
“I like it!” exclaimed Clara excitedly. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”
“Well, then, I’ll leave you to get settled. If you need anything, you know where to find me.”
“Thanks, Mrs. Rose,” she said, as the old woman headed to the exit. Once she reached the door, Rose turned around.
“I hope Tony’s got impeccable… hygienic manners!”
“Definitely. He’s extremely well educated and clean. We won’t cause any trouble, I promise.”
“All right, then. Enjoy your stay!”
Left only with Tony, Clara remembered her travel bag, which she had left in the trunk of her car, and returned to the parking lot to recover it. Although initially she had intended to stay for a few days in one of the metropolis’ comfortable hotels, she didn’t regret in the least the decision to stay a while in this isolated paradise. Getting back to the refuge of shadows and coolness of the cottage, she climbed the stairs loaded with luggage and entered the bedroom, where Tony already seemed to feel at home.
The first things she unpacked were the plastic bowl especially imprinted with the spoiled quadruped’s name, his food, the small bag containing her cosmetic products and a bathrobe. And because a small amount of discipline never hurts, the dog had to eat on the veranda. With this matter solved, the young woman decided it was time to take care of herself, as she felt the passive fatigue of the road in every muscle. Not having an established schedule or a certain destination in mind, she had started her journey late, in her own comfortable rhythm, which she preferred. Although it was just past 7 p.m., after she relaxed, taking a long and very hot shower, the monotonous humming of insects and the conifers’ fragrance were the last things she noticed before falling asleep, with Tony curled on a rug near the bed.

Rendezvous Author Photo 


Anca-Melinda Coliolu was born on the 4th of July 1986 in Alexandria, Romania. She graduated a Mathematics high school, has a Law degree and has been a professional target shooter for ten years, being a multiple National Champion and holds a National Record at this sport. She has been working as a journalist since high school until present, writing for several newspapers. She is married to Ionut-Augustin Coliolu and currently lives in Romania.



Top “10” Ten

Top 10 Favorite Books

1. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
2. Le bossu by Paul Feval
3. The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy
4. Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts
5. Edwardian Murder mysteries by M.C. Beaton
6. In Death series by J.D. Robb
7. Hello, Darkness by Sandra Brown
8. Prudence by Jilly Cooper
9. Minerva by Marion Chesney

10.Nine coaches waiting by Mary Stewart


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Title:   Only for You (For You #1)
Author:  Genna Rulon
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date:  September 24, 2013
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  “In its purest form love is self-sacrificing, eternal, selfless, enduring, truthful, forgiving and indulgent. It also feels an awful lot like a kick to the stomach when you try to fight it!“
All Everleigh Carsen wanted to do was complete her final semester at Hensley University and begin the life she carefully planned.
When a wave of violent crime seizes campus, Everleigh is persuaded to attend a school sponsored self-defense seminar by her best friend, where she meets volunteer instructor, Hunter Charles. After Everleigh’s biting sarcasm induces Hunter to eject her from class, a tempestuous relationship is born.
Everleigh is determined to forget the striking man, but fate–that fickle shrew–continuously intervenes. Unable to escape him, she declares Hunter an enemy combatant. The only complication… Hunter is resolutely pursuing vindication…by any means necessary. Verbal warfare ensues, and despite Everleigh’s ingenious efforts, in Hunter, she has finally found her equal.
Only For You is a compelling tale of friendship, desire, and redemption--brimming with intelligent characters, witty dialogue, unexpected twists, profound sorrow, unfettered hope, and love’s unassailable perseverance.
Note:  Although this is series, each novel can be read as a stand alone.
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Told in first person narration by Everleigh Carsen.
I LOVE this story! This book is one that had me laughing. The main characters Everleigh has a best friend named Sam and those ladies are thick as sisters. If you don't have a best friend from childhood that you're super close too you will wish you did. She falls for super hottie Hunter who is a man who can give as good as he can take. They have a complicated relationship and the book has a mystery that just has you on the edge til the end. It has a good ending and there are no loose ends. The book puts you in a feel good mood and makes you smile.
Genna Rulon is an awesome writer. She was able to make a romance have tragedy and humor in it and it is done tastefully. She wrote a book not only where the words flow rather well but you could feel yourself feelings what the characters felt. By the end of the book you are going to want to read the next. If you are a sucker for happy endings read this book.
5 stars across the board from Nicole

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About the Author

Genna Rulon is an up and coming contemporary romance author.
During her 15 years in the corporate world, Genna, inspired by her love of reading, fantasized about penning her own stories. Encouraged by her favorite authors, many of whom are indie writers and self-published, she committed to pursuing her aspirations of writing her own novels.
Genna was raised in Long Island, New York, where she still resides, surrounded by the most amazing family and friends. Married to a wonderful man, who patiently tolerates her ramblings about whichever book she is currently working on, even feigning interest relatively convincingly! Genna is blessed with two little boys who do their best to thwart mommy’s writing time with their hilarious antics and charming extrapolations.
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