Book Blitz: I Married A Mob Boss by Shandi Boyes
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance Series: Enigma, Book 9
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I thought waking up hungover with no recollection of the previous twenty-four hours was going to be the worst thing I'd encounter during my whirlwind trip to Vegas. It wasn't ... not even close. Not only did I wake up in a strange room with a good band wrapped around my finger, I witnessed something no woman should ever see. If that wasn't unscrupulous enough, the unspeakable act was done by my husband; the stranger I married.
With freshly signed alimony papers and a guilt-riddle heart, I left Vegas praying that what happens in Vegas truly does stay in Vegas. My hope was left for dust when the small fragment of my life I tried to forget collided into the present.
Can the guarded, tortured man I married keep me safe when he is the one I need protecting from the most?
A heart-clutching, spine-tingling romantic…

{{NEW RELEASE & REVIEW}} LIKE A BOSS By Liz Matis @lizmatis

Title: Like a Boss Series: Double Trouble Duet #1 Authors: Liz Matis Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 17, 2017

War veteran Dawson Trudeau never expected his estranged identical twin to walk into his bar in Alaska, let alone offer him twenty million dollars to pose as the CEO of King Enterprises while he secretly heads to rehab for thirty days. With dreams of starting a homeless shelter for veterans and locating his retired service dog from Afghanistan, Dawson can’t say no. Then he meets his brother’s sexy assistant and he hopes she can’t say no—some overtime between the sheets. 
Lacey Brooks isn’t attracted to her metro-sexual boss, but his rough and ready identical twin is just her type. When lust turns into love, she fears she is betraying the CEO. If she can navigate the family feud to ensure a spot-on impersonation by Dawson, she’ll finally be promoted to VP.  
If they can pull off the masquerade, everyone wins. But once the thirty days is over will victory matter …

{{NEW RELEASE}} THE BIG D By Brittany Crowley @CrowleyBrittany

Title: The Big D Author: Brittany Crowley Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 17, 2017

All it took was one look into the delivery guy's sinful brown eyes and I knew I'd regret never seeing him again. I tried tipping him a dollar and ended up getting a whole lot more than I bargained for.
Imagine my surprise when he comes back. Every. Friday. Night. 
Then in an embarrassing twist of events the Big D's identity is revealed. He wants a chance and he's determined to get it. 
But with a crazy ex popping around every corner, money and power standing between us and an embarrassing 'how we met' story... what's a girl supposed to do? 


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Author Bio

Brittany Crowley was born and raised in Massachusetts. She still lives there today with her husband and 3 kids. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she was hooked. Though she had many id…

{{COMING SOON}} WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE HOLIDAYS (A Holiday Anthology) By @EMAbel4 @EricsonRenee @LucyGageAuthor @jessicaingro @Elle_Jefferson @CherylHMcIntyre @bethmichele8 @TessaTeevan @KristiWebster

Title: What Happens During the Holidays Authors: E.M. Abel, Renee Ericson, Lucy Gage, 
Jessica Ingro, Kelli Jean, Elle Jefferson,
Cheryl McIntyre, Beth Michele,
Tessa Teevan & K. Webster Genre: Romance Anthology Cover Design: RE Creatives Release Date: November 27, 2017

Holidays happen.
It's inevitable.
Emotions run high and plans can get turned upside down, landing you in bed with someone so far off the radar you never saw them coming.
Is it love? Is it lust? Or is it just what happens during the holidays? 
*What Happens During the Holidays is a collection of fun and sexy holiday short stories from a group of fun and sometimes sexy authors. Or maybe they’re ninjas.*
All proceeds to benefit Direct Relief
Coming Home by E.M. Abel Fortune by Renee Ericson The Meeting by Lucy Gage Love Square: The Remix by Jessica Ingro Mahalo by Kelli Jean Big Mistake by Elle Jefferson A Gift from Fate by Cheryl McIntyre Going Down by Beth Michele The Naughty List by Tessa Teevan Naughty St. Nick by K. Web…


Get ready for the darker and dirtier side of New Orleans with a brand new alpha romance from USA Today bestselling author Meghan March.

New Orleans belongs to me. You don’t know my name, but I control everything you see—and all the things you don’t. My reach knows no bounds, and my demands are always met. I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt. To have her in my debt. She doesn’t know she caught my attention. She should’ve been more careful. I’m going to own her. Consume her. Maybe even keep her. It’s time to collect what I’m owed. Keira Kilgore, you’re now the property of Lachlan Mount. *Ruthless King is book one of the Mount Trilogy*   ADD TO GOODREADS  BUY NOWAmazon US | Amazon UK |  Amazon Paperback  |   iBooks  |  BN  | Kobo

Meghan March is an author that always keeps me on my toes. This first book in the series proves just that.
Ruthless King has her handprint all over it but feels totally foreing and fresh all at th…

{{HOT NEW RELEASE}} Tempting Daddy's Boss By Madison Faye @MadisonFayeSmut

Title: Tempting Daddy's Boss Series: Innocence Claimed Series Author: Madison Faye Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 16, 2017

I’m keeping her all to myself, whether she knows it or not.
An angel like little Lyra Worthington has no business being anywhere near a cold, calculating monster like me.
But she’s been mine since the second she poured herself into my world. And now, I’m never letting her go.
I know she’s off-limits.
I know she’s too young for me, and too innocent, and too untouched. But I bet she tastes like heaven and feels like sin, and tonight, I plan on finding out how right I am.
She’s tempting me - enticing me. She’s provoking me like a naughty little brat looking for trouble. And believe when I say, she’s going to find it with me.
I’ll call her angel. She’ll call me daddy.
I’m not – not really, of course. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to protect her, and take care of her, and keep her safe from the whole damn world.
I play for keeps, I take what’s mine…